I find myself sensitive to every little detail, -it makes me cry.



Kung alam nyo lang kung gaano ko kayo ka-miss…

Everything is too real, that dreaded phone call that i wish i never took this morning. Waking me up literally, shaking me saying “hey, wake up! This is real. I need you to wake up now.” I wish everything was just a bad dream. That it was just a hoax. that the other person on the other end of the line got it all mixed up. Please it can’t be true. It’s not true

Natatakot ako sa salitang “Next Year”. hindi ko alam kung ano talaga yung dahilan pero ayoko isipin.

How long will I continue to give-up little earthly pleasures? How far will it get me through? How grand the risks I’m willing to take?

Is there benefit in which I might indulge after? Or is it those guilty pleasure I got every time I vow that it would be the last.

Let not be viewed as torture, but rather a form of retreat where I disconnect myself with this reality I became used to.

A soulless physicality of the human body. I need to give up something again.

Please explain to me why I live in this part of the world when I want to live on the other side? WHY?!